Top 10 Software Testing Trends To Follow and the future of software testing

The software industry has seen numerous technological developments as the world has become more digitised. With the growing technology, the software testing industry has given tremendous changes, which help in innovating new tools and trends.

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This change has benefited numerous industries, including development, design, testing, and delivery. They are believed to be of higher quality due to this new adaptation, which may be why companies are now placing more emphasis on digital transformation to compete for the top spot. Software testers' requirements for this adaptation are changing and getting more complex daily.

In this blog, we shall discuss trending technologies, the latest technologies in the software industry and the future of testing.

The Future of Testing

Before understanding the future of software testing, it is crucial to know why Software Testing is impeccable in the upcoming technologies and one of the latest technologies in the software industry.

Undoubtedly, quality will be given more emphasis to create positive customer experiences. According to organizations, the highest quality must be upheld while delivering the best value. Additionally, test automation utilizing ML and AI is anticipated to rule the future of software testing. Let's discuss some key trends that will likely affect software testing in the future.

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Quality at Speed

The unprecedented and exponential change in technology impacts businesses' growth, substantiating, delivering, and using the software.

Therefore, these organizations must keep innovating and revamping themselves to build and deliver high-quality software quickly. To do this, they must find a way to optimize their processes and tools.

Software testing is crucial for changes and improvements, accounting for about 30% of the project's overall effort. To overcome the difficulties of achieving "Quality at Speed", the growing complexity of systems, environments, data, testing practices, and tools must evolve.

The top trends in the testing process are listed below; many of them have already become apparent in recent years. The most prominent trends in the upcoming years are Agile and DevOps, test automation, artificial intelligence for testing, and API test automation.

Along with these trends, testing tools like Selenium, Katalon, TestComplete, and Kobiton can potentially solve software testing problems.

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Top Software Testing Trends

Keep an eye out for the Top Software Testing Trends to watch in the next year.

Agile and DevOps

Many top organizations embrace the agile methodology because it responds to the drastic development and requirement and response to the need for acceleration. DevOps has the in-built feature of principles, processes, tools and practices, which aid in integrating the development process efficiently to lessen time consumption and reduce the operation activities.

Devops is one of the latest technologies in software development, accepted by every organization looking forward to the war to deduce the software lifecycles and deliver the product more efficiently.

So, utilizing Agile and DevOps in the development process helps the organization deliver the product quickly and helps the team work more efficiently. This implies the Quality of Speed. So, adopting the latest technologies in software development has given various future changes over the past five years and continues to intensify in the coming years.

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Test Automation

If you intend to execute the DevOps technology efficiently, the software development team must understand the automation testing process and elements of the devops process.

The replacement of manual testing with automated testing slowly grasped the attention of tech industries. Moreover, automation testing is considered the bottleneck of DevOps. As Devops becoem one of the latest technologies in software development, the demand for DevOps automation testing has increased by 20% in the testing field. The adoption of test automation in organizations has a lot of room to grow.

More advanced techniques and tools are developed to enable better project test automation.

Selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete, three widely used automation tools, continue to develop new features that make automation much simpler and more efficient.

API and Services Test Automation

A current web and mobile application design trend disentangles the client and server. Multiple applications and components utilize APIs and services. Due to these changes, teams must test APIs and services separately from the applications.

If you utilize the Application Programming Interface and services in the client applications and components, API tests the application more efficiently than the client. According to the current trend, the demand for API and service test automation is expected to grow, possibly surpassing the need for end-user UI functionality.

Using the appropriate procedures, tools, and ways to solve API automation tests is more important than ever. So learning the best API Testing Tools for your testing projects is worthwhile. The top API testing tools such as:

  • Katalon Studio
  • Postman
  • Apigee
  • JMeter
  • Rest-assured
  • Assertible
  • Soap UI
  • Karate DSL
  • Testim

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Artificial Intelligence for Testing

Those in software development can easily understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning are crucial and trending technologies in software testing.

Even though the community of software researchers uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) techniques to address problems in software testing, recent developments in AI/ML and the abundance of data now available present new opportunities to use AI/ML in testing.

The use of AI/ML in testing, however, is still in its early life. So,businesses will figure out how to improve their testing procedures for AI/ML.

AI/ML algorithms are being developed to produce better test cases, test scripts, test data, and reports. Predictions about where, what, and when to conduct tests would be aided by predictive models. The teams are assisted by intelligent analytics and visualization to find errors, comprehend test coverage, identify high-risk areas, etc.

Moreover, the team expects more machine learning and Artificial intelligent applications which help them solve complex problems, such as quality forecast, test case prioritization, defect classification, and tasks in the upcoming years.

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Mobile Test Automation

Mobile app development technology continues to increase as mobile devices become more competent and one of the latest technologies in the software industry.

Mobile test automation must be a component of DevOps toolchains to support DevOps completely. However, only a tiny percentage of mobile tests are currently automated, partly because there need to be more techniques and resources.

Test automation of mobile applications is a growing trend because it

shortens the time of hitting the market and uses more sophisticated tools and methods for mobile test automation are the few advantages driving this trend. Mobile automation may advance by integrating cloud-based mobile device labs like Kobiton and test automation tools like Katalon.

IoT Testing

IoT is expected to dominate the market shortly because 5G technology supports processing connectivity speed, allowing it to function flawlessly.

Now every small to big organization merely depends on software testing. As software testing becomes dominant, a software tester brings new and innovative ideas and focuses on security. Security is crucial in every field because as usage of the internet and data storage becomes cloud-based, the chance of misuse of the internet overwhelms the mind.

IoT is very active in a small number of sectors, including healthcare, automotive, etc. The most recent technology and testing tools, like POSTMAN, Wireshark, ITAG Dongle, etc., are a better choice for IoT testing because there is little chance for bugs during testing.

Test Environments and Data

More software systems are now operating in various environments due to the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT). The testing teams must overcome this challenge to ensure the proper test coverage level.

When implementing testing in agile projects, the absence of test environments and data is, in fact, a significant challenge. Cloud-based and containerized test environments will become more widely available and used. Some solutions for the lack of test data include using AI/ML to generate test data and expanding data projects.

Integration of Tools and Activities

The application development lifecycle will be complex until you integrate the testing with the other tools. To effectively use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques, software teams must integrate the tools used during all development phases and activities.

For Example

To use AI/ML to detect where you need to focus on testing phases, you must know to require data, design and execution phases. We will see testing tools that enable integration with the other tools and activities in ALM, along with the market trend of rising evolution toward DevOps, test automation, and AI/ML.

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Software testing is slowly gaining attention for quality assurance and among the testers in cybersecurity. According to a recent survey, risk adherence helps raise industry awareness and enables security before SDLC by enabling it. The best part is that it aids in our ability to comprehend weaknesses that are immediately fixed before cybercriminals hack them. This is one of the primary reasons it is essential today and will become even more critical in the future.

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Big Data

Companies are now working with data in various volumes due to the growing use of the most recent technology. Also, handling such massive data necessitates accurate evaluation and end-to-end testing to prevent failure. This testing aids in the improvement of marketing and business strategies. Given that we are moving toward digitalization, you might not be surprised that it has increased in popularity.

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Today, the public and private sectors rely on big data analytics because it is accurate and dependable in many ways. Thorough data analysis assists numerous data-driven decisions of different services and products.

Now that you have understood the latest technologies in software industry, the technical environment with automated tests and the future of testing field. So, if you intend to learn more about the scope of software testing and the latest technologies in software development, you can join Software Testing Course in Bangalore and explore a career in latest technologies in the software industry.

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