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SkillsIon provides a professional understanding of grape-vine and business communication through our Communication Training Programme. This course will help you best the online, on-phone, and in-person verbal inefficiencies, along with boosting up your confidence for public speaking or presentations. The Communication Training program at SkillsIon trains learners in English proficiency (Spoken and Written) required to get ahead in their workspace.

Course Highlights & Objectives


COURSE Objectives

Effective communication skills are valued in every sphere of life. It is an expression of our thoughts that define our ideas and creativity. However, often we are not at our best capability to deliver those ideas. Online communication training is thus one of the most sought out courses across the globe. Strong command over the language helps you define your views powerfully and persuasively irrespective of the cultural setting, gender, hierarchy, and generation that stands before you.

Whether it is employees looking for a promotion or students preparing for job interviews, communication training online is a very important aspect to advance your career in the desired domain. It develops a personal brand or image in the mind of the person in question. When it comes to connecting with potential employers, colleagues, clients, or building your network, proper speech can help you satisfy your professional goals.

With the online communication training program at SkillsIon, you can now address the issues that have been hindering your growth in your chosen career path. It is suited for students of all levels of understanding from novice to expert. We also offer flexible study hours for our learners, so that you can choose the schedule per your needs.

Our online communication training course also gives importance to the psychology of the listener, to provide the best suggestions to manage a situation. This will help you not only to build better relationships but also to develop trust. At the end of this course, you will develop confidence, strategic response, critical thinking, fluency, and a better understanding of how to tackle people under normal and unexpected circumstances.

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At SkillsIon, you don't just get Certified by us, you get equipped to clear Global Certifications of the respective course.

Communication Certification Training at SkillsIon

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On successful completion of the online Communication Training course at SkillsIon, the candidate is provided with a course completion certificate. Most companies accept this certificate as a piece of valid evidence of your communication skills. This course completion certification informs your employer that you have acquired a strong grasp on the language to better compete as a professional. 

There are many official International certification exams online today that determine and validate the communication skills of a candidate. They test your listening, speaking, and written capabilities, which will be addressed in our online Communication training program. These certifications are recognized by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) and will help you secure higher education in foreign countries as well as increase your employment opportunities. Some of the most popular certifications in this field are TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), Cambridge English exams (CAE), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), and OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview computer).

Some common queries regarding these certifications are mentioned below:

How many of these exams should I take up?

Taking up one certification should be enough for better employment prospects or higher studies. However, if you desire more validation for your skills you can go for more than one. Our trainers will guide you through the right certification exam based on your need.

Which is the best out of the lot?

Each of the certifications is good as long as you set the schedule per your career plans.

What is the cost to earn these certifications?

The cost of each exam fee varies from one exam to another. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Is there a date of expiry for any of the certifications?

The average date of expiry for most English and Communication skills certifications is 2 years. However, the Cambridge exam certifications remain valid for a lifetime.

Job Opportunities

English is the primary language of the internet. It is also the language of international business. Therefore, the global workforce, cross-border communication, and research and development heavily rely on the knowledge of the same language. It is hence one of the most in-demand languages in the present day.

Efficient communication in English is an appreciated quality in every field. It is a simple and effective way to progress in your career, especially in the corporate world. It is a determining factor for various leadership and managerial roles in a company and can enhance your current status in many ways.

Some of the well-known industries that primarily rely on communication skills are communications management, journalism, digital marketing, network marketing, call centers, human resource, public relations, etc.

Besides this English is also highly valued in the field of science and technology to secure a good job. Employers very often expect good presentations, an exchange of ideas in meetings, strategic pitching, research paper development, etc work to determine the potential of a candidate. Whether it is hospitality, entertainment, entrepreneurship, or tourism, proper speech and expression of ideas is a necessary part of every field in some way or the other.

Communication is an integral part of our everyday life but only some end up being smart enough to get paid for it.

Job Opportunity



SkillsIon has helped me become more confident in my verbal approach among friends and acquaintances. I no longer feel out of space or confused about what to say during a conversation.

Arunima Mondol


I am a Content Writing Intern who has always struggled to get employment because of my lack of communication skills during interviews. Communication training has helped me balance my spoken proficiency with my written one. I am very happy with the purchase.

Nora Khan


This course has aided my history of international travel as I can now blend into any cultural settings easily.

Anirban Banerjee


The trainers are very professional and offer better than they have pitched. I enjoyed taking up this course. I will come back for more.

Pratik Singhania


This course is better than many courses on communication skill development on the internet today. I am very content with my performance and learning.

Manpreet Singh


Communication training is the practice of uplifting your written and spoken proficiency to best various social and professional settings.

Enrolling in a communication training program comes with several benefits. It helps one become self-introspective, improves existing skills, and aids the building of new personal and professional relationships. It also makes you stand out in an interview or workspace, among individuals who do not have the same to validate their communication skills. This has led to eventual promotions for many and also depends on individual efforts.

At SkillsIon, we not only train you in Communication skills but also behavioral sciences, which will help in socializing and aid numerous future endeavors.

Anyone can take up this course. This course is designed to suit all three levels of learners and improve their existing capabilities

It depends on the track you have chosen to pursue. We have Classroom-based Courses, live-online classes, and online self-paced courses. For exclusive information about each, feel free to contact our team.

The learner has the privilege to choose between Classroom-based Courses, live-online classes, and online self-paced courses.

Yes, at SkillsIon, you can opt for the self-paced track to manage the class timings based on your schedule.

The trainers are recruited after undergoing rigorous interview and screening processes. They all have a minimum of 8 years of industry experience and are specialized professionals in the subject.

Yes, at SkillsIon we have Communication training sessions during both Weekends and Weekdays. You can enroll at your convenience.

Yes, if you miss classes, kindly contact our support team. They will assist you in rescheduling the missed sessions without hassle.

You can always contact us through our Live Chat Link or customer service number. Our team would be glad to answer all your queries.