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The SAS Training Program at SkillsIon enables you to become an expert in data Analytics using SAS tools. On completion of this training, implement SAS for data modelling, data visualizations, perform statistical computations and to generate complex business reports with ease. You can choose from SAS Base and SAS Advanced training program or the SAS Clinical Trials training program according to your career requirements.

SAS Course Highlights & Objectives


The Data explosion in the business world has led the organizations to use the SAS software for deriving valuable insights and to make better business decisions to compete in the market. Generally, Businesses derive their useful insights on extracting voluminous data that were collected over the past.  Let’s consider an e-commerce site that needs purchasing patterns of its customers. The company then has to process and analyze thousands and thousands of records of different customers, to get that report. When an organization opts for the manual way it has to employ huge manpower and allocate huge man-hours in it. Which in turn makes the work of the organizations tedious and the investment of capital will be two-fold times than the usual.

To overcome all these hindrances the solution is simple, companies can just deploy the SAS tool in their business and perform the same analysis within a short time with just a few analysts. The SAS Analytics tool  helps us to perform Data Management with various advanced analytics in knowing about the changing business condition seamlessly with useful business insights. When it comes to business analytics, SAS is the market leader and preferred over R, Python, Tableau or Spark. It is because SAS has the right functions to analyze data easily besides using the easy drop and drag interface. SAS has the best data cleansing functions and also it can interact with different host systems effectively.  SkillsIon’s SAS Online Training helps you to master the SAS tool proficiently and perform the data manipulation techniques as a professional Analyst by our Industry expert mentors. SkillsIon also provides SAS Classroom Training according to your preferences. 

SAS Online Course at SkillsIon can be opted by anyone who is a novice to the Analytics field. This course is also ideal for professionals such as Software Developers, IT professionals, Analytics professionals, Big Data Analysts, and Project Managers for their career enhancement. 

Upon completing the SAS Online Course at SkillsIon you can  pursue other Analytics course to exhibit  multiple skill sets which will open the gates for higher career opportunities, 

  • SAS Visualization
  • SAS Clinical Trials
  • Tableau 

These skill sets are in high demand in the market. We at SkillsIon offer both Online and Classroom Training for the above-mentioned tools by our Expert Mentor. 

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At SkillsIon, you don't just get Certified by us, you get equipped to clear Global Certifications of the respective course.

SAS Certification Training at SkillsIon

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SAS Online Course certificate is one of the professional credentials that you can showcase to your employer along with the resume at the time of the Interview. Our SkillsIon SAS Online Course certificate acts as an instrument in showcasing the technical competence you have gained during the training program. 

On enrolling for the SAS Online Training at SkillsIon you will gain the complete expertise on the SAS Software and its applications. At SkillsIon we train you with industry-relevant practices with real-time projects and case studies for upskilling your knowledge and inculcating the professional Analytics skills. Though gaining SkillsIon SAS Online Certification enhances your career opportunities, other global certification exams conducted directly by the SAS are more useful to take your career to the next level. The three major certificate exams are, 

  • SAS Certified Associate: Programming Fundamentals Using SAS 9.4
  • SAS Certified Specialists: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4
  • SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming using SAS 9.4

Earning any of these certificates not only helps in unlocking your career potentials but also upsurge the possibilities for getting a high paying job and promotions. Also, Sharing these credentials among your professional network community may boost up your career opportunities. At SkillsIon, Our Mentors will guide you to complete these global certification exams successfully and help you to have an upliftment in your career.

Job Opportunities

The terminology “Business Intelligence tool” is applied to a wider range of services and products. As foretold, SAS is the leader in the Business Intelligence market. This technology aims at helping the businesses to mine numerous small insights from the heaping amount of data collected. SAS has been modeled in a way to analyze huge stockpiles of data and to bring about predictive statistical models for government agencies and large enterprises. The application of SAS software is used exponentially among various domains. For example, Retails chain companies use SAS for pricing a product while selling it down at a store level, most of the Credit Card companies make use of SAS to identify the buying patterns of the customers in real-time, and Telecommunication companies utilize SAS for identifying the few thousands of customers over millions to make the shift towards their networks. 

Apart from these domains, renowned companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Dell Advanced Analytics, Accenture, Moody’s Analytics Company, HDFC, RBS, and SBI rely on SAS for their Data Analytics. The median salary offered for an entrant SAS programmer is Rs. 4, 50,000 to Rs. 5,20,000 per annum. Based on the recent survey conducted by it is estimated that SAS Analytics skills are the most preferred skill sets in the current job market. 

Also, it is stated that there are job opportunities for 15,000 job titles across 350 different industries upon completing the SAS related profile. SAS Online Training at SkillsIon guides you with the correct roadmap for career upliftment. Our expert mentors at SkillsIon impart the professional skills that are most required for a professional SAS Developer. 

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The SAS Online Course content @ SkillsIon was aptly designed to meet the current requirements in the industry. One can easily understand and learn to use the SAS tool proficiently even if you are a beginner when you join here. The Trainer had a wider knowledge of the SAS tool and its application. I am extremely delighted that I opted for the correct learning path. All thanks to SkillsIon

Kate Kingston


SkillsIon is the best learning platform I have ever come across. I enrolled for Self Paced SAS Online Training. It had the richest course material with recent updates in the Industry. Also, the Support Team coordinated very well in scheduling the sessions. Thanks, SkillsIon you are doing a Great Job!

Riaz Ashraf


Heartly thanks to My SAS Trainer, he covered all the topics and also completed the curriculum within the stipulated period. He had vast knowledge and experience in the Business Intelligence field. My Trainer taught us many real-time examples that were more useful and easy to understand. Further, I am going to do my Advance SAS Certification program at SkillsIon.

Adithya Kashyap


My overall experience was good at SkillsIon’s SAS Online Training. In-depth training of the SAS Tool and its applications are provided. Trainers were friendly and I found it easy to clear my doubts. Highly recommended for beginners who are wishing to learn SAS Online.

Shreya Iyer


There are no requirements needed to Learn SAS Online at SkillsIon. However, having prior knowledge of the basics of SQL is beneficial. 

Graduate Freshers, Science Graduates from Bio technology, bioinformatics can take this course to get their career started as a SAS Professional as SAS implementations are huge in health care and research companies. Professionals from Banking, Finance, Insurance sectors with at least 2+ years of experience can also learn SAS to become SAS professionals.

We provide SAS Live Online Training or Self-Paced Learning at SkillsIon. At SkillsIon we also offer the SAS Classroom Training session. You can avail of any of these training options.

Yes, you have the feasibility of choosing the sessions as per your convenience in the Self-Paced classes.

<p>Mentor/Instructors play a major role in the career enhancement of a student. At SkillsIon, We assign you only the certified Trainers who possess at least 5+ years of industry experience and after undergoing a meticulous interview process and technical evaluation.</p>
<p>Does SkillsIon provide me Weekend or Weekday SAS Online Course?</p>
<p>You need not worry about missing the class. You can contact our support team and they will assist you in rescheduling the missed sessions.&nbsp;</p>
<p>You can always contact us through our Live Chat Link or customer service number.</p>