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The Selenium Training Program at SkillsIon enables you to master Automation Testing using Selenium. Our expert Mentors will make you proficient in the Automation Testing process and help you to gain hands-on expertise in key frameworks such as Selenium IDE, WebDriver, TestNG, BDD, Hybrid Test Automation and Design Patterns.

Course Highlights


COURSE Objectives

The tremendously growing Internet penetration in the present days, have paved the way to develop a myriad of Web Applications which run in browsers. This has led the organizations of all the types to ramp up their businesses on the digital platform to increase their efficiency and revenue. Having said that we can't just conclude that publishing business products and services over the website can gain efficiency and more revenue for the organizations. The real challenge over here is the credibility of the application and how far it can function seamlessly. While using a Software or Web Application an user may experience several ramparts in them and an organization must ensure that their websites are giving consistent results to its users without any ramparts. The solution would be Software Testing, with it the organizations can ensure the complete coverage of all the above-mentioned aspects and ensure the desired user experience for their users. Test Automation supports organizations with many robust frameworks for implementing test strategies which delivers error free applications for the users. When it comes to Software Testing then Selenium is one of the reliable and best automation tools that is used for automating the testing of web applications and websites. Selenium is an open-source tool and testers can make use of it proficiently to test a variety of applications with a huge collection of frameworks available. Also, this tool doesn't demand any specific browsers, hardware, or special OS to use. Selenium supports different testing frameworks such as Keyword-Driven Testing, Data-Driven Testing and Hybrid Testing. These are the major reasons that made Selenium a reliable and best automation framework. SkillsIon's Selenium Online Training helps you to learn how to automate the testing of Web applications with key testing frameworks and how to execute it like a Professional Tester with real-life examples. SkillsIon also provides Selenium Classroom Training according to your preference.

Selenium Online Course at SkillsIon can be taken by anyone who is a novice to the Software Testing field. Manual Testers who are planning to take their career to the next level can take up this Automation Testing course. Also, this course is ideal for Test Engineers, Test Leads, Test Managers, Test Analysts, Software Developers and QA Engineers to enhance their careers.

On completing the Selenium Online Course you can pursue other testing tools to exhibit multiple skill sets which will open the gates for higher career opportunities, Selenium with Python Angular Testing QTP/UFT Load testing with JMeter

These skills are in high demand in the market. We at SkillsIon offer both Online and Classroom Training for the above-mentioned tools by our Expert Mentor which you can learn further to make you a Full stack Tester.

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Selenium Training Curriculum

  • Understand why Automation Testing

  • Explore the scope of Automation Testing

  • Selenium – Features of the most Preferred tool for Automation Testing

  • Understanding the Selenium Architecture, Components and Frameworks

  • Where Selenium wins over other testing tools such as QTP

  • Support for multiple languages for scripting

  • Learn the Concepts of OOPS and its Advantages

  • Learn Java programming concepts

  • Setup the Java Environment

  • Understand the Class, Object, Variables, Methods & Packages in Java

  • Learn how to work with Conditions and Loops

  • Learn the Key concepts of Interfaces, Constructors and Collections

  • Handling Strings

  • Learn to handle Exceptions

  • Manage the database from Java

  • Learn to Setup Selenium and appreciate the Features of Selenium IDE

  • Understanding the Selenium Commands – Selenese

  • Learning Script Assertions

  • Learning to Create and Execute Scripts

  • Understand how to Debug Scripts

  • Exploring the advantages of Recording a Test Case

  • Understanding the Selenium IDE Test Suite

  • Learning about Actions

  • Handling Action Fails

  • Understanding Accessors

  • Exploring Assertions and various types of Assertions

  • Working with Assert

  • Working with Verify

  • Understanding Key differences about Assert and Verify

  • Explore WaitFor

  • More on Most commonly used Selenese Commands

  • Appreciate the concept of Design Patterns and its advantages

  • Understanding the Page Object Model - POM

  • Implementing POM for a Test Case

  • Explore PageFactory

  • The Selenium RC and its Limitations

  • Exploring the Web Driver Automation Framework and its Features

  • Exploring the Web Driver Architecture

  • Installing and Starting Web Driver

  • Learn how to Configure Web Driver

  • Using Java in Web Driver

  • Creating and Running a Java Function

  • Understanding how to Search and locate web elements

  • Using Locator and Locator ID

  • Searching various Web Elements

  • Using CSS and Properties to Search Web Elements

  • Implicit and Explicit Wait – Explained

  • Handling browser Alerts and Prompts

  • Understanding User Interactions

  • Capturing Input Events - Mouse Movements and Keyboard

  • Working with Windows, Tabs and Frames

  • Handling Web Tables – Static and Dynamic tables

  • Exploring the Key Feature – Cross Browser Testing

  • Implementing Cross Browser Testing in Web Driver

  • Learning AutoIT for Desktop Applications Automation

  • AJAX call in Web Driver - Explained

  • Introducing Sikuli Framework

  • How Sikuli works

  • Automating Image based activities using Sikuli

  • Handling Flash Objects made easy using Sikuli

  • Using Sikuli to automate Desktop Applications

  • Learn the role of TestNG Framework

  • Usage of TestNG framework in Selenium

  • Understanding the Unit Testing

  • Key Difference between TestNG and Junit

  • Setting up TestNG plug in with Eclipse

  • Exploring a Sample TestNG Script

  • Features of TestNG

    • Understanding the TestNG Annoatations

    • Learning about Parameters

    • Handling Groups and learning Include, Exclude

    • Working with Listeners

    • Exploring Data Providers

    • Understanding the TestNG Data Providers

  • Creating and executing Test Suite 

  • Learning Parallel Execution in TestNG

  • How to Handle Failed Test Cases

  • Generating XML and HTML reports using TestNG

  • Understand Headless Browser Testing

  • Performance Advantages of Headless Testing

  • Learn about various Headless Browsers – PhantomJS, HTML Unit, Headless Chrome

  • Execute Headless Testing with PhantomJS 

  • Execute Headless Testing with Headless Chrome Driver

  • Appreciate the need for Test Automation Frameworks

  • Understand the conceptual of Test Automation Frameworks

  • Explore more on the Test Automation Frameworks Guidelines

  • Understand Linear Scripting

  • Explore Keyword -Driven or Table-Driven Testing Framework

  • Understand and explore Data Driven Testing Framework

  • Understand and explore Hybrid Test Automation Framework

  • Understand and Implement to use External Data for Testing

  • Implementing Testing Using Excel Sheet, XML Files and Property Files

  • Understanding Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

  • Appreciate the advantages of BDD

  • Integrating the Cucumber Framework

  • Understanding the Gherkin Language

  • Components and usage of the Gherkin Language

  • Setting up and Executing a Cucumber Project

  • Understanding Selenium Grid

  • Configuring Grid for Multiple browsers

  • Executing a script in Multiple Browsers

  • Executing multiple Scripts in Multiple Browsers

  • Understanding the Necessity for Maven

  • Advantages of using Maven for Project Builds

  • Understanding the Project Object Model – POM

  • Exploring POM.xml file

  • Configuring and running test projects

  • Understanding what is Continous Integration (CI)

  • Setting up and Installing Jenkins

  • Integrating Maven and Jenkins

  • Implement CI using Jenkins

  • Necessity for Managing Source Code in Larger Projects

  • Understanding Source Code Versions

  • Introducing Github

  • Setting Up and Installing Github

  • What is GitHub?

  • Understanding and Creating Repositories

  • Understanding Push and Pull

  • Merging Codes

  • Understanding Branches

  • Integrate Github for CI

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Selenium Certification

About Selenium Certification at skillsIon

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Industry Selenium Certificates

Selenium Online Certification course is one of the professional accreditations that you can submit to your employers along with the resume at the time of the Interview.  Our SkillsIon Selenium Online Course certificate acts as an instrument in showcasing the technical competence you have gained during the training program.

Global Giants such as Microsoft, Cognizant, HP, Accenture, and Facebook depend on the Selenium suite extensively for Testing purposes. Also, these companies are seeking professional Selenium Testers with excellent ability to use key frameworks such as WebDriver, TestNG, Cucumber and exhibit excellent knowledge in implementing Testing Automation Frameworks.  In India based on the reports submitted by a Job portal, it is stated that above 35,000+ new job openings are available for Selenium Tester. Some of the popular Selenium job profiles offered in various organizations are - Selenium Tester, Selenium Test Analyst, Selenium Automation Engineer, Software Development Test Engineer, Java Selenium Automation Engineer, Senior QA Automation Engineer, and Senior Quality Engineer  Automation. On average, an entrant can earn up to Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 5,00,000 per annum in India. Selenium Online Training at SkillsIon trains you to inculcate the necessary professional skills and hands-on practice that are required for a Selenium Tester and upskill your knowledge with industry-relevant practices. 

Selenium Job Opportunities

Software Testing has become an integral part of application development. Businesses can increase their economic relevance only if it controls and improves the quality of their Web applications used by their customers. Implementing Software Testing practices for web applications not only increase the efficiency of the businesses but also results in cost-saving with customer satisfaction. The Market value of the Automation Testing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.0% in the upcoming years. And the demand for Testers with Selenium skills can be flourishing in the Automation and Testing Industry as Selenium is the widely adopted tool for automation testing. The reason behind why Selenium is widely adopted in the Testing industry is because it is open source and a bundle pack tool that has the feature to automate tests with ease and accuracy.

Job Opportunity

Student Testimonials


I am glad that I choose SkillsIon's Selenium Self-Paced learning sessions. The course content was very elaborate and professionally designed so that I understood the complete suite of Selenium from my comfort zone. Great work SkillsIon!

Catherine Allen


This Training program explained all that I needed the most. The Trainer covered all the topics and also gave many industry insights. Good platform to learn the Selenium suite. I will definitely suggest to my friends take the Selenium Online Course here.

Rohit Verma


Thank You SkiilsIon for providing in-depth training of the Selenium Suite. I had gained more than what I expected. This is the best one-to-one mentorship class so far I have come across. Also, the Support Team Coordinated the classes well. Special Appreciations to them.

Gayathri Kathiravan


Happy on choosing SkillsIon's Selenium Online Training. The case studies that were provided by my Trainer was really helpful. The trainer had a vast knowledge of the Testing tool also he was polite enough to clear all our doubts. Thanks to my Trainer.

Arjun Pandu Rangan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anyone who is having interest in software testing and has some basic knowledge in Manual Testing can learn this course easily.
We provide Selenium Live Online Training or Self-Paced Learning at SkillsIon. At SkillsIon we also offer the Selenium Classroom Training session. You can avail of any of these training options.
Yes, you have the feasibility of choosing the sessions as per your convenience in the Self-Paced classes.
Mentor/Instructors are the key and play a major role in the career enhancement of a student. At SkillsIon, We assign you only the certified Trainers who possess at least 5+ years of industry experience and after undergoing a meticulous interview process and technical evaluation.
We at SkillsIon provide you with both Weekend and Weekday Selenium Online Courses.
You need not worry about missing the class. You can contact our support team and they will assist you in rescheduling the missed sessions.
You can always contact us through our Live Chat Link or customer service number.