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SkillsIon provides comprehensive spoken English training through our Spoken English training programme. This course provides a complete focus on speaking, along with reading and writing skills. Spoken English training programme at SkillsIon, trains learners in all the aspects of Spoken English, viz. grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Our courses ensure that the learners become proficient in English.

Spoken English Classes Highlights & Objectives


COURSE Objectives

English is called the ‘lingua franca’, which means it connects speakers of many different languages. The English language is also the language of the Internet and the language of the International business community. Online Spoken English training at SkillsIon addresses all aspects of  English communication needs in the global workforce. The candidates trained in our best Online Spoken English course, emerge as confident English speakers, which helps them to become successful in their careers.

Our Spoken English Online training courses and Classroom based courses  are presented in different levels to suit all learners, from beginner level to intermediate and advanced levels. The Online Spoken English coaching has been developed to address the specific needs of the candidates in English communication both in everyday social situations and at the workplace.

The high quality Spoken English Online classes at SkillIon are offered in flexible schedules with a choice between classroom based, self-paced sessions and live sessions. Candidates can choose the sessions that fit their busy schedules.

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At SkillsIon, you don't just get Certified by us, you get equipped to clear Global Certifications of the respective course.

Spoken English Certification Training at SkillsIon

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On successful completion of the Spoken English language course at SkillsIon, the candidate is provided with a course completion certificate. For instance, if the candidate has completed the intermediate level of the online spoken English language course at SkillIon, we provide a course completion certificate for the intermediate level, the same applies to other levels. This certificate can be used along with your resume to showcase your English language skills to your current and prospective employers. Most companies accept this as a piece of valid evidence.

In addition to the Spoken English language course completion certificate from SkillsIon, candidates could also get international English language certificates, that are acknowledged by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). The choice of English language examinations available is quite wide. The most widely recognized English exams are the TOFEL, IELTS, PTE and Cambridge English exams which cover all CEFR levels, from A1(beginner) to C2 (advanced). SkillsIon offers courses that focus specifically on these exams. Once candidates have achieved a desired level of proficiency in Spoken English through our Online Spoken English course, they  could reach out to our HR team or course coordinators to choose a suitable exam preparation course. These official certificates would help in securing admission into international universities, visa processes, and in increasing your employability quotient.

Some of the common questions regarding the various Official English language Certifications are answered below. During the course, our trainers would guide you further and provide advice in this regard.

What is IELTS? 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an examination which is used for studying, working or living in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. The exam is also accepted by many institutions in the United States, but only for study purposes.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a popular English proficiency testing examination which is accepted for studying and living in the United States. You can take the TOEFL test either at a local centre or through the internet.

What are Cambridge English Exams?

Cambridge English (CAE) exams are accepted for study and work opportunities in many countries worldwide and for immigration in the UK, Canada and Australia. You can register to take a CAE exam at over 2,800 centres in 130 countries around the world.

What is the Pearson Test of English?     

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is used for study and work purposes in the UK, Australia, Canada, USA and as part of the visa application for Australia. The greatest advantage of PTE is that it provides flexible test dates almost every day in around 150 locations worldwide and results are available after only five business days.

What are the other exams available? 

Test of English Language for International Communication (TOEIC) is a test of English for communication and it’s usually used for business.

Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Oral Proficiency Interview Computer-delivered (OPIC) are tests of spoken English fluency. These tests are often used in business or to prove their level of spoken English.

Occupational English Test (OET) has been developed specifically for 12 healthcare professions. This test reflects real workplace tasks and relevant language skills.

Job Opportunities

English is a global language. It is the world’s second-largest native language, the formal language in 70 countries, and has official status in over 60 countries. Around 150 million people use English fluently as a foreign language. English is also the language of international air traffic control, and the principal language of science and technology.

Learning English is really important if you want to succeed in business or advance in your career. In the corporate world, good English skills are a requirement for most managerial positions.  Learning English can provide a real boost to your career prospects in many different ways.

Good English language skills are necessary in any field. Good English communication is an important factor that helps in securing jobs in the field of education, science and technology, mass media, entertainment, tourism, information technology and outsourcing.

Job opportunities in the tourism industry, hospitality industry, aviation industry and BPOs are plenty for candidates with excellent English language skills.

Most academic journals and publications use English as their primary language. Thus, there is always a demand for candidates in the field of publications for authors, copywriters, language editors, etc. Apart from this if you are a working professional in any field,  proficiency in the English language would get you ahead of others.

Speaking English opens up a wide range of new opportunities both in your career and in your personal life.

Job Opportunity



I didn’t have time to take spoken English classes due to my job, then I joined SkillsIon spoken English online class. I was able to complete the classes based on my free time, and it was very useful.

Roshan Joshi


The online spoken English classes were very good. The trainers were fantastic. I recommend this course to everyone.

Priya Sakkaley


I did the spoken English course at SkillsIon, I found the course to be interesting. It has helped me to prepare for IELTS.

Amritha Jain


I wanted to go abroad for onsite work. I was very shy to speak in English, then I joined the SkillsIon online spoken English course to improve my English. Now I am confident to speak in English. Thank you SkillsIon!

Havish Patel


I was good at writing in English but had pronunciation issues when I spoke. This course has helped me to correct my errors and I have improved a lot.

Ramanathan Pillai


Speaking good English opens up a wide range of new opportunities both in your career and in your personal life. It helps you to become more successful in your work and enhance your socializing skills. It also opens up the opportunity to explore western culture through art, movies and literature.
You can choose our Self-Paced Online Spoken English Classes. You can access the course at your own convenience.
At SkillsIon, you have the choice to choose between our Classroom based courses, Live-Online Spoken English Classes and our Online Self-Paced course.
Yes, our Online Self-Paced courses are designed to give you the freedom to choose the session timings based on your schedule.
Yes, at SkillsIon we have Spoken English language training sessions during both weekends and weekdays. You can choose whichever schedule is convenient for you.
Candidates in our Spoken English course usually see improvement in their spoken English within a month’s time. However, this depends on individual efforts.
At SkillsIon, we recruit only proficient Instructors and trainers who are well qualified. All our trainers have at least 7 years of experience in teaching English. Our trainers also undergo a rigorous interview process and screening before they are assigned to our students. We provide only the best trainers for our candidates.
In case you miss a class, kindly contact our support team and they will assist you in rescheduling the missed sessions without hassle.
You can always contact us through our Live Chat Link or customer service number. Our team would be glad to answer all your queries.