Letter Of Recommendation For Medical Assistant

A medical assistant recommendation letter is provided to an individual who has experience assisting a nurse, doctor or physician’s assistant in a medical office/healthcare setting. Such a letter is typically written by someone in a medical practice who has supervised, observed and assessed the knowledge, skills, and quality of work done by the medical assistant. A sample is given below. 

Dear XXXX,

It is a pleasure to recommend Ms. Jamie to your medical office as a Medical Assistant. She has been working with xxxxxx for 2 years as a Medical Assistant. She joined as an intern, then became a part-time employee, and within a year’s time she became a full-time employee with us. I have been her supervisor at xxxx, since 2018. 
Jamie is a flexible and cooperative individual, who performed a multitude of tasks each day including checking patients’ vital signs, drawing blood, administering injections, cleaning instruments and exam rooms and performing administrative duties like updating medical records, answering the phone, scheduling appointments and any other duties she was asked to perform. She is kind and compassionate when dealing with patients of all ages. She not only performs her duties almost flawlessly, but is an exceptionally likeable person with a cheerful disposition.

Ours has been a busy office, but Jamie has always been able to keep up with the fast pace. She is a talented multi-tasker who rarely makes a mistake of any kind. She is very patient with the chronically ill individuals as well as those with minor illnesses and injuries. She is extremely well-organized, self-motivated, requires little supervision and has always been a highly ethical employee. A warm and approachable medical assistant, Jamie has the ability to explain discharge instructions to patients in a clear and professional manner that they can easily understand.

It is our pleasure to recommend Julie Jones for a position as a medical assistant in your practice. She has been a joy to work with these past two years and we wish the very best. We will be happy to answer any questions or discuss her qualifications with you at length and at your convenience. Feel free to contact the office at (555)-555-5555 to schedule a time to chat or email either one of us at [email] or [email]


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