What are the Different Positions at a Doctor's Office?

A whole team works together to ensure the smooth functioning of a doctor’s office.  The following are some of the positions at a Doctor's Office.

  • Medical Receptionist- The very first person you encounter upon stepping inside a doctor’s office or clinic is called a medical receptionist. 
  • Medical Office Manager: A Medical Office Manager is someone who helps in the smooth functioning of a large medical office or clinic.  
  • Medical Billing & Coding: Medical Billers and Coders are people who work in the background .  
  • Medical Interpreter: A medical interpreter, helps a doctor, and his or her patient to communicate effectively even if they don’t speak the same language.
  • Medical Assistant: Medical assistants are members of the healthcare team who might be able to provide certain aspects of patient care and are also responsible for some administrative roles.
  • Nurse: Nurses are one of the most important professionals in the healthcare field. They are directly involved in patient care.  
  • Physician Assistant: A Physician Assistant works directly with a physician and assists them in a range of tasks. 

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