Medical Assistant Resume Examples

It is important to build a good resume that reflects your personality and skills. A good resume will help to grab the recruiter’s attention and would highlight your skills and knowledge as a Medical Assistant.   

Andro Humner
Patient and organized medical assistant with 2+ years of professional experience. Keen to provide general care to patients in an outpatient clinic setting by offering advanced medical and patient care techniques. In previous roles, served an average of 40 patients per day and helped introduce HIPAA and OHSA compliant quality assurance programs.
Medical Assistant



•    Monitored and recorded an average of 50 patients per day (obtained patients’ vital signs by visual and auditory measures, triaged and assessed their medical condition and prepared them for medical treatment by physicians and nurses).
•    Electronically ordered lab, x-ray, and medical supplies as directed.
•    Assisted nurses and physicians with various forms of patient treatment and care.
•    Sterilized and set up instruments as well as washed, dried, and restocked laundry.

Key achievement:

•    Helped implement quality assurance and control programs that resulted in compliance with HIPAA and OSHA regulations.
Volunteer Medical Assistant


January 2017–December 2018

•    Monitored approximately 20 patients (took temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs to detect deviations from normal).
•    Conducted physician referrals as well as serviced pre-certifications on an as-needed basis.
•    Learned hands-on emergency medical techniques.
Associate Degree, Medical Assistant
University of Buffalo 

•    Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
•    Administering injections
•    Appointment scheduling
•    Collaboration
•    Communication
•    Documentation
•    Interpersonal skills
•    Organizational skills
•    Patient assessment
•    Patient preparation
•    Spanish (Advanced)

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