Medical Assistant Cover Letter

As a medical assistant, your major work is to be helping doctors in delivering patient care. Therefore, a medical assistant cover letter should reflect your passion, skills and dedication to work. Some important points to keep in mind while drafting your cover letter are listed below.

•    Shortlist your most relevant and strongest skills. 
•    Build an eye-catching introduction
•    Relate your skills to the job specification. 
•    Make yourself easily accessible
•    End by expressing hope. 
•    Edit intensely
•    Study and download an appropriate template

An example is provided below. 

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Your job opening for an administrative medical assistant caught my attention because my goal is to have a position in the administrative department of Alliance Health. Both my clinical experience and academic training make me an ideal candidate for this position.

When I started out in the medical assisting field at a local nursing home, I just had the facility’s training program for new recruits. I gained experience in relating positively with patients, and I learned from nurses about the basic functions that an assistant performs in a long-term care setting.

I later took a position with Alliance Health in a pediatric clinical setting while enrolled in the registered medical assistant program at a local community college. This has taught me how to communicate with a variety of other medical personnel, parents, and their children, sometimes all at once. Through my academics and my experience I have been exposed to and have become familiar with a variety of medical codes and coding procedures.

My experience so far with medical records makes me excited to apply for this administrative medical assistant position. I appreciate your consideration and am looking forward to discussing this position with you in the future. 

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