Is A Lpn Higher Than A Medical Assistant

When embarking on a career in the healthcare field, it is important to understand the differences between different roles. For example, a Licenced Practicing Nurse (LPN) and a Medical Assistant (MA)-- both the professions might seem similar to a newcomer.  While these professions do share some of the same job duties, there are some key differences in education requirements, job description and average salary between a career as a medical assistant and an LPN career. Overall, an LPN focuses on providing direct patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) and/or physician, while a medical assistant performs several administrative duties such as scheduling appointments or preparing insurance paperwork in addition to basic clinical tasks such as taking a patient’s vital signs. Another difference between medical assistants and LPNs is job setting and hours. Many medical assistants work in traditional daytime hours, while LPNs more often find positions in hospitals, nursing homes and even patient’s homes in a range of hours and shifts. 

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