Is A Cna Higher Than A Medical Assistant

A career in the medical field is a satisfying and respectable career. To someone who is just starting their career, it may seem as if all the assistant positions are the same, but each position is different from the other and they perform different tasks.

Medical Assistant

The position of an Medical Assistant focuses on both the medical care of the patient, and administrative work. MA’s will administer injections, medications, and record the patients’ health information. MA’s will often perform administrative tasks as well as medical. They may gather patients’ information as they check in to be seen, and collect all insurance information from the patient.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Though both the positions may have similar tasks, A CNA tends to attain the role of caregiver to patients, A CNA has specific duties such as bathing patients, and helps feeding them when needed. They often serve patients who need long term care and in need of help with basic hygiene maintenance. A CNA will also tend to all bedside care of the elderly.  

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