7 Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web App Development

Since best practices, new technologies and other innovations are constantly being developed in this field, web and software developers must put forth lots of effort to stay up to date on these developments to maintain their relevance throughout their careers.

Technological advancements are now needed to create web apps in the modern world. With a thriving community that grows and learns together, web app development has developed into a positive trend. For front-end developers, AngularJS is the best framework because AngularJS offers many advantages over older frameworks and has radically transformed the web development sector.

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In this blog, we shall discuss what is angularjs, the advantages of angularjs and angularjs web components.

What is AngularJS Framework?

The Google-developed AngularJS framework is an open-source web framework that increases the functionality of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

It is a framework well-known for supporting dynamic web applications. Its dependency injection and data binding lessen the amount of written code. Because AngularJS smoothly supports many platforms, AngularJS framework web applications are more dependable and adaptable.

The original intent of the AngularJS framework was to construct SPAs. Despite being a fantastic instrument, it has succeeded in overcoming this restriction. The Typescript-only framework AngularJS offers the ability to create corporate applications. In addition to powerful refactoring, navigational tools, and auto-completion, it provides a variety of helpful utilities.

Let's look at a few examples of well-known applications that use AngularJS to understand how useful it is for any dynamic application:

  • AngularJS is used for creating outstanding Netflix video streaming applications.
  • JetBlue's website is one example of a travel application that benefits from the dynamic features of AngularJS.
  • When developing applications that offer user-generated content, AngularJS is a great tool. Freelancer.com is a prime example. Employers can connect with personnel that meets their needs using this platform.
  • If you knew that even LinkedIn uses AngularJS for all its mobile end users, you might be amazed.

Features of AngularJS

For developers, AngularJS has a tonne of useful features, some of which are listed below:

  1. Two-Way Data Binding – With Angular's two-way data binding, users may view information and modify the underlying data through the user interface.
  2. Dependency Injection – An integrated component that simplifies the testing and creation of the application
  3. MVVM (Model-View-View Model) Framework – Model-view-ViewModel (MVVM) is an architectural design pattern for software that makes it easier to separate the development of the graphical user interface.
  4. Directives – Directives are parts of the Document Object Model (DOM). These directives, including tngModel, ngBind, etc., are built into AngularJS.
  5. Routing - Routing is the process of path selection in any network.
  6. Plain Old JavaScript Objects Model – Plain Old JavaScript Objects let you manipulate objects using JavaScript's built-in functions. It eventually makes it simple to maintain and reuse the code.

Why Use AngularJS Framework for Web Development?

Since its launch in 2012, AngularJS has contributed significantly to web development and witnessed the introduction of numerous new features.

Here is some important evidence in support of using the AngularJS Framework for web development since it is one of the most adaptable frameworks for front-end developers:

Open Source- AngularJS is an open-source framework that offers developers a wide range of features and integration options.

It is also a framework that is cross-browser compatible. As a result, the developers are relieved of the hassle of creating scripts repeatedly for various browsers. In addition, it makes it simple for developers to use it successfully by offering updates.

Active and Engaging Community- The update of AngularJS is entirely managed by Google. This characteristic considerably raises this framework's prominence relative to other JS frameworks. Google experts frequently update and interact with the community to explain this framework's latest improvements and features.

SPA Oriented- The most common web applications built with the AngularJS framework are SPAs. Together, SPAs and AngularJS dramatically improve online application users' user interface (UI). AngularJS doubles as a validator because it has a built-in validation feature that handles error handling.

Enterprise-level testing- AngularJS is independent and does not require any additional frameworks or plugins. The application's components are organized into manageable AngularJS modules. When performing automated testing, one can load only the necessary services due to modular separation.

Client-side solution- AngularJS performs a pivotal role in the client-side development process. It is secure to use AngularJS when creating the front-end application because the backend does not require changes.

Declarative Code Style- The code in AngularJS is compact and lightweight due to the declarative model.

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7 Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web App Development

Easy to Learn

If you intend to learn AngularJS, you can learn if you have prior knowledge of CSS, Javascript and HTML. As we said before, AngularJS is an open-source framework used for building a dynamic web application; it is a javascript-based framework that creates opportunities for developer who intends to begin their career in the web development field.

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So, after completion of the Angularjs course, you will understand how to build and test your web application using AngularJS. So, once you master AngularJS, you require less time to create web-based applications.

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It has a Two-Way Binding Feature

AngularJS allows for quick synchronization between the model and view. If any data is modified in the model, it reflects in the view. The model will revise if changes are made to the view data.

This two-way data binding will substantially simplify the program's display layer. As a result, it is feasible to create the User Interface utilizing a less complicated and intrusive DOM presentation technique.

Has a Declarative UI

With the aid of the AngularJS framework, we can create the template using a hypertext markup language. Because of its scalability feature, AngularJS is used for creating web-based applications.

Due to this, it is popularly named innate intuitiveness and declarative language. A declarative user interface makes things easier to comprehend and manage.

Developers and designers can collaborate using HTML. Designers can concentrate on UI creation while developers utilize declarative binding syntax to link the various UI components with data models.

Supported by Google

Google utilizes the AngularJS framework for building its applications. Every year, the Google team introduces new features and advancements in AngularJS. Due to this, the language gained credibility because the user can build dynamic web apps. Moreover, many developers prefer choosing this framework because it has quick access to suggestions from other developers.

It is a Powerful Framework

Due to its flexibility, robustness and scalability, AngularJS is used for front-end development. Furthermore, it is widely utilized among the developer because of its compiled- in- features like MVC pattern, POJO Model, Routing, Architecture, and Directives. Another common reason for using this dynamic framework is that free, open-source availability. It allows the developer to develop the HTML syntax and create client-side applications.

Real-Time Testing

With the help of the AngularJS framework, we can efficiently test our web application, end-to-end and unit testing. Other AngularJS testing features, like dependency injection, maintain track of how the components of your web application are built.

Additionally, features that are tested show users how to address their dependencies. This will make it effortless for developers to test and look for errors. easier

To develop dynamic and high-quality web-based applications, AngularJS would be the best choice. Due to this, developers can support their applications without relying on third-party software because AngularJS is feature-rich. Developers can use AngularJS to save time and money when working on their projects.

Allows for Web Application Management

In the development process, web developers must divide the code into three parts: Model, View, and Control (MVC). The code of those components is then manually merged by developers. Moreover, it automatically connects the code and saves lots of time in the development processes.

Most importantly, the model component manages and maintains the application data. Due to this flexibility, users can see all the data or only a subset when using the view component. This MVC architecture makes it simpler for developers to handle the application's UI and database.

Advantages of AngularJS

There are numerous benefits of AngularJS, but the following four can be helpful for developers:

  • Model View Controller (MVC) Designed for Model View Controller
  • Mobile application development is possible with MVVM capabilities.
  • Data synchronization in both directions via bi-directional data binding
  • Productivity-boosting architecture and attribute directives

Now that you have understood the advantages of angularjs, angularjs applications and what is Angularjs. So, if you are interested to learn Angular JS, and the advantages of angularjs, you can join AngularJS Training in Bangalore, which will help you understandangularjs applications, ui framework for angularjs, and angularjs web components.

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